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Resellers (21 copies or more)

Purchase An RSIGuard License

Remedy Interactive offers several licensing options, including enterprise, site, campus, and volume-based programs. Government, education, and not-for-profit customers may qualify for additional discounts.

Please email RSIGuard Sales or call (800) 776-5545 (outside the United States, please call +1 415 332 6433). 


  • To become a reseller, please contact Erik Andersen at 415-331-4646 or email us.
  • If you are already an RSIGuard reseller, click here to access our private reseller site.

Remedy Interactive’s RSIGuard is used by leading health and safety professionals, physical therapists and office workers in hundreds of organizations throughout the world. Studies show that using RSIGuard reduces the strain of office workers significantly. As a result, you can be confident that your clients are reaping a good value for their investment.

If you are an ergonomics or software reseller committed to bringing quality products to your clients, we would like to work with you. We will give you extensive marketing materials (brochures, PowerPoint presentations, CDs with your own personal branding, white papers and more). During the sales process, we provide you and your client with technical sales support as well as pilot opportunities. And we offer you commissions that make working with Remedy Interactive a great business decision.

Which RSIGuard Is Right For Me?

Use this table to help you select which edition of RSIGuard is right for you:

RSIGuard Edition Description of this Edition of RSIGuard Approximate Download Size
v5.0 Stretch Edition Stretch Edition is the fully-featured edition of RSIGuard. It includes BreakTimer, AutoClick, KeyControl, ForgetMeNots, ErgoAnswers, WorkRestrictionManager and DataLogger. This is the edition we recommend for most RSIGuard users.

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20 MB
v5.0 International Edition International Edition offers RSIGuard in a choice of 8 languages (German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese and English). 28 MB
v5.0 Call Center Edition Recommended for the unique call center environment, this edition uses defaults that minimize work interruption by the BreakTimer and ForgetMeNots features. For example, when BreakTimer detects the need to suggest a break, it displays a small “Break Needed” button. When the agent has finished the current phone call and is ready to rest, he/she can click the button to initiate a break.

The setup wizard is briefer and assumes settings will be organizationally managed. The settings pages warn an agent if they adjust settings in ways that might potentially interfere with call center work.

Tools are available for limiting breaks call-center-wide based on call volume. Depending on your call center software vendor, we may be able to provide you additional integration between RSIGuard and your call center software (e.g. to automatically place an agent offline during breaks or automatically adjust breaks based on call volume). For more information about the Call Center Edition, please call 800-776-5545 or email us.

20 MB

Questions & Answers About Purchasing RSIGuard

Are quantity discounts available? How do I pay for my quantity purchase?

Remedy Interactive offers several licensing options, including enterprise, site, campus, and volume-based programs. Government, education, and not-for-profit customers may qualify for additional discounts.

Please email RSIGuard Sales or call (800) 776-5545 (outside the United States, please call +1 415 332 6433).

If you are purchasing 21 or more copies of RSIGuard at a price we have quoted to you, you may pay via:

  • A check (made to Remedy Interactive) or a purchase order to:

    Remedy Interactive
    1 Harbor Dr.
    Suite 200
    Sausalito, CA 94965
    (415) 331-3864 (fax)

  • A Credit Card — You can either provide credit card details by:
    - calling (800) 776-5545 or by
    - faxing your credit card information (Name, Billing Address, Phone number, amount to be billed) to (415) 331-3864.
  • Bank Wire — Contact us for details about wiring funds directly to us (international orders only, a $20 wire-transfer bank fee must be added)

If you are purchasing 20 or fewer copies, please do so at above (or choose an alternate payment method). 

Are there other ways I can pay (e.g. PayPal, check)?

You can pay for your order by:

  • Check (please send to):

    Remedy Interactive
    1 Harbor Dr.
    Suite 200
    Sausalito, CA 94965

    If you are downloading RSIGuard, be sure to include your email address for your registration code. If you are adding $14 for a CD ($24 outside the United States), please be sure to include the address where you wish your CD to be sent.

  • PayPal:
    To purchase a single copy of RSIGuard Stretch Edition (download) for $65:
    click here
    Note: It can take up to 24 hours to receive your registration code since PayPal orders are processed manually.

    To pay for any other RSIGuard purchase using PayPal, please use your PayPal account to “Send Money” to 

How is my purchase delivered (e.g. CD, web)?

If you are purchasing RSIGuard for unnetworked use (and don’t need any special customizations):

When you buy RSIGuard, you are buying a registration code that turns the 45-day trial into a permanent copy. Therefore, you can download and install the 45-day trial and register it with the registration code you purchase. This registration code will normally be delivered by email.

As a result, there is rarely a need to get a CD delivered when you purchase RSIGuard. If you purchase RSIGuard from the RSIGuard website and do need a CD, you can select CD delivery for an additional $14. Because of California law, ordering a CD may subject your entire order to sales tax.

If you purchase a single copy of RSIGuard, then the registration code you receive will normally only be usable on 1 computer. If you purchase multiple copies, you will be given a special registration code (that we call a Registration Access Code) that can be used on multiple computers. When you enter your Registration Access Code into a copy of RSIGuard, RSIGuard will automatically access the server to authorize and record the registration.

If you are purchasing a customized license (e.g. a license where data is networked):

You will receive a customized installation package after you complete the RSIGuard custom configuration spreadsheet (see support pages for details). When maintenance releases are issued, you will receive an updated custom installation package. You will be provided a unique download link for your organization’s license.

Can I continue to use RSIGuard if I can’t afford to buy it?

If you have installed the 45-day trial and want to continue using RSIGuard, but cannot afford it, we will try to accommodate you.

In order to receive a discounted copy, please email us a brief explanation of your situation.

Upgrade To RSIGuard V5.0 Stretch Edition

Why should I upgrade to RSIGuard v5.0 Stretch Edition?

RSIGuard v5.0 has many exciting improvements:

  • A redesigned user interface makes working with RSIGuard much easier and more pleasant.
  • New wizards make controlling your break schedule and other RSIGuard features much simpler.
  • Thirty one new video stretches provide better instructional examples of better stretches. Varied camera angles make it much easier to learn to do stretches correctly.
  • Improvements to AutoClick’s intelligence to support Windows XP type controls and menus.
  • New main display buttons allow you to turn BreakTimer and ForgetMeNots off “for a while” without permanently disabling them.
  • Improved RSIGuard Reports reporting tool with improved printing.
  • Simplified RSIGuard registration process.
  • Significant improvements to RSIScript KeyControl macro and control language.
  • Dozens of other improvements requested by RSIGuard users.

How much does it cost to upgrade to RSIGuard v5.0 Stretch Edition?

Upgrading from RSIGuard v1.0, v2.0  v3.0 or v4.0 to RSIGuard 5.0 costs $25.

How do I upgrade to RSIGuard v5.0 Stretch Edition?

Click here to purchase your RSIGuard upgrade. After purchasing, follow the instructions in your confirmation email to download your RSIGuard 5.0 upgrade.

Why do I have to pay to upgrade?

Historically, our policy has been to offer free upgrades. There was no charge to upgrade from RSIGuard v1.0 to v2.0, or to v3.0. However, continued development of RSIGuard costs us money. We try to charge our users as little as possible — enough to cover the costs of new development. By charging for this upgrade we are asking that you join us in helping to maintain your computing health by making future improvements possible. If you wish to upgrade to v5.0, we ask that you respect your software license and purchase the update.

Can I upgrade to RSIGuard v5.0 Stretch Edition without paying?

In an effort to keep the process simple for our users, and to reduce unnecessary computer use, we have decided not to require new license keys or an additional registration process for RSIGuard v5.0. However, your software license requires you to purchase an upgrade if you wish to switch to RSIGuard v5.0. We hope that you will respect this so that we may continue to operate in a trusting manner that makes registration as simple as possible.

What if I don’t want to upgrade to RSIGuard v5.0 Stretch Edition?

If you own a copy of RSIGuard v1.0, v2.0 or v3.0, you may continue to download RSIGuard v3.0.49 Stretch Edition or RSIGuard v3.0.49 Standard Edition or RSIGuard v3.0.49 Call Center Edition at no charge.

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